Former Zamtel chief financial officer deported to Pakistan quietly

Adnan Haye, the former Chief Financial Officer of ZAMTEL under LAP Green was arrested on Friday 17th August in Lusaka and has since been deported.

He was arrested by the Immigration department for being in Zambia illegally after he was fired from ZAMTEL when the PF regime repossessed the company from LAP Green upon which his contract was terminated and work permit revoked together with other Directors and foreign managers at ZAMTEL under LAP Green.

Haye spent the entire weekend in custody and was later deported to Pakistan on Monday 20th August at night.

He was denied access to a lawyer.

Contacts have told the Watchdog that Adnan Haye was also found in possession of a ZAMTEL’s power generator.

The generator was confiscated from him and returned to ZAMTEL.

It is not yet known whether his family is still in Zambia or whether there were all bundled onto the same flight back to their country of origin.

Meanwhile sources say Hans Paulsen; the man who was MD for Zamtel under LAPGreen was recently in Zambia for some unknown business.

Hans Paulsen (Hans Paul Ssentongo) now works for American Tower Company in Uganda

The same sources also claim that Goran Markovic who was a LAP Green Group resource in Charge of Internet bandwidth sourcing strategy and at the time consultant at ZAMTEL was as well recently in the country.

Goran was declared Persona Non Grata a few months ago by Zambian authorities. It is not known how he managed to enter the country despite being a Prohibited Immigrant. Goran had moved to Africonnect and bragged that he would reveal ZAMTEL’s trade secrets to the competition. He is currently operating from Uganda.

LAP Green’s ex-management sued ZAMTEL separately challenging their dismissals, these also includes our Zambian ex-officials like Amon Jere and Eve Banda.

Amon Jere has since happily returned back into Diaspora and operates from Ghana, whilst Eve is around Lusaka running her consultancy and magazine publication.

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