Four people being ferried to PF rally killed as Sata runs away

Four people being ferried to PF rally killed as Sata runs away

Dead bodies as people of Solwezi gather in shock

Four people died  on Thursday  just about 300 meters from where PF leader Michael Sata was seated waiting to address a rally in Solwezi.

It is believed that another cadre died on the way to Hospital.
About 42 people were seriously injured whilst about 18 escaped unhurt when the driver of a Canter Truck Registration Number ALB 1037 overturned at a T-junction.
The driver who is on the run is believed to have been over speeding on the gravel road from Musele, Kakonzhi and surrounding areas where Sata had sent him to go and ferry people.
He was just one of the many drivers who were ferrying people from sorrounding villages.
It is undersood that Sata’s driver was trailing behind another vehicle which he attempted to overtake not knowing that he was approaching the T-junction where he failed to negotiate and the truct over turned.
The accident was seen clearly by Sata, Willy Nsanda, Bert Mushala, Friday Mulemfwe, Solwezi Central PF Parliamentary candidate Newton Malwa, Solwezi West PF Parliamentry Candidate a Mrs. Ndumba and PF Local Govt candidates who were waiting for more people at the rally ground.
But, according to eye witnesses, Sata,  and all the PF entourage instead of rushing to the scene to help the casualties, they quickly packed up their PA systems, removed posters from all their vehicles including the boat, abandoned the rally venue, the accident victims and all the other cadres that were ferried from very far places and sped off.
Some PFcadres that included the aspiring candidate for Shilenda Ward walked for over 20 kilometers. Many cadres immediately removed there PF IDs and denounced the Party. Others burnt the posters they had been given for their own safety.

The truck that killed 4 and injured m,any others

For fear of being identified for possble linching, as word went round that Sata’s driver had killed people and had run away, Sata and his entourage could not move in a convoy as they did when going but instead spaced themselves up to a kilometer until they converged at Mutanda which is about 120 kilometers from the accident scene.

It is not known whether Sata went ahead to Mufumbwe where he was scheduled for another rally.
One of the dead youths only identified as Felix Chiyesu is believed to have come from Mufumbwe as a job seeker. Others identified were Dickson Kangowani and Kadala.
One eye witness said that some souls that perished could have been saved had Sata and his officials been bold enough to go to the accident scene which they could openly see from where they stood.
The villagers around the scene were almost man handling everyone that stood by to help thinking they were PF.
Coincidentally, some MMD officials were addressing a meeting at Lwanvundu Basic School which is about 10 kilometers East of the accident scene.
Within a few minutes from the time of the accident, the MMD officials led by the Provincial Chairman Pinakin Patel, Provincial Secretary Emmanuel Chihili, Provincial Youth Chairman Stafford Mulusa, District Youth Chairman Tapson Kasonso, Aspiring area Councillor Olix Kakwata and others rushed to the scene.
The MMD officials were almost pounced on when they were mistaken to be PF but they quickly identified themselves as most of them were clad in RB T-shirts and had manifestos which they quickly flashed out to wounded residents.

The dead being taken to away from accident scene

The MMD officials calmed the situation and alerted Ministry of Health Superiors, Zambia Police and the District Commissioner who all rushed to the scene and equally responded rapidly with Solwezi Municipal Council Fire Brigade Squad arriving in time. Wihout the timely intervention, there could have been riots and many other lives could have been lost. The residents almost set ablaze the truck with corpses lying around it but the MMD officials risked their way through and restrained the situation until Zambia Police arrived. The bodies of the deceased are lying in Solwezi General Hospital mortuary whilst over forty casualties are admitted to the same Hospital.

 The people who almost became violent further vowed not to vote for PF and ensured that all people going to Solwezi and Mwinilunga were stopped and informed about what the PF has done

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