Four points to prove ECZ is helping PF rig 2021 elections

Four points to prove ECZ is helping PF rig 2021 elections

George Sichula
NDC Copperbelt Province Chairman

1. Discarding the old voter register has not been done in good faith. ECZ/PF want to deal with places like; Southern, Western, North Western Privinces where there are huge opposition registered voters. Believe it or not, the ECZPF will make sure those numbers are reduced using the system.
2. Unwillingness by ECZPF to involve the stalkholders is sign enough that something dubious is being done.
3. It all started with NRCs by Ministry of home affairs- see the connection
4. The ECZ is trying to avoid a part in the electrol act which talks about continuous voter registration. You will observe that ECZPF has no good reason to convince people on why they want the old voter register disregarded and deleted.

We are reliably informed that all the Embassies in Zambia are surprised that Zambians are quiet over such a very insensitive move by the PF Government.

Let me help someone to understand what is happening here, there was a small difference between  UPND and PF in the last elections and thats why the PF are not comfortable. The ECZPF are also fully aware that the disgruntled youths may not throw their vote on PF even after the youth empowerment. Secondly, the NDC through their leader Dr Chishimba Kambwili has become a nightmare to the PF and the Alliance is giving the ECZPF sleepless nights.

I will conclude by telling you that this is what every dictator Government will do to maintain and prolong their stay in power. But I want to promise you one thing, “This PF you see today you will see it no more after 2021”

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