Four Roan members join Rainbow Party

CHISHIMBA Kambwili  thinks he is a god who can dictate anything, says Roan Constituency PF founder member Isaac Singoi. Singoi and three other PF members, who have since left the ruling party to join the opposition Rainbow Party, in separate interviews said they were tired of Kambwili’s politics of disrespect, especially the recent ones directed at Catholic priest Fr Leonard Chiti, director of the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection. Singoi said the people of Roan were annoyed and would not vote for the Patriotic Front in the coming elections.

He said if Kambwili thought he was still a factor in the constituency,  he was wasting his time because the people had lost confidence in him. “We are people, he cannot be pushing us to the wall this much, forgetting we helped him to get into power. I don’t know why he wants us to worship him like he is a god. That is rubbish and we will not be taken for granted after we put him in power,” Singoi said. He said the time would come when Kambwili and other PF officials would need to account for their actions, including government contracts that were financed using the Constituency Development Funds in Roan. “Does he think we are foolish to support the same people all over again? We are not talking  from without; come and see the potholes in Roan market and other places!” said Singoi.

And Rainbow Party Luanshya district chairman Christopher Chilangwa said Roan Constituency was for Rainbow and even the PF founders were now supporting the opposition party. Chilangwa said Kambwili should not blame the opposition political parties for his government’s failures, saying the PF had evidently failed on their own. “Kambwili has failed to work for the people, unless he is telling me that failing is a cartel. He speaks more but works less,” said Chilangwa. And Vincent Mpongwe said he left the PF and joined the Rainbow because of the ruling party’s incompetence. Mpongwe added that Roan was ready for Kambwili and if the information minister thought he was a big factor, he would be taught a lesson.

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