FQM removes bonuses for miners

Good morning,

Plz hide my ID but expose this human resource manager Mark silimi who is in for front squeezing his fellow Zambians just for the sake of money.

  1. Mark silimi was working at kansanshi as a human resource manager after sometimes he was brought to FQM mining division , when he came he was head saying i ‘ll try my level best to reduce their salaries of which he z doing now. FQM through silimi has removed our attendance bonus plus the education allowance which they ar planing to remove also. And they ar also planing to remove our mid month salaries.
    Since they have removed attendance bonus, now they have introduced new rules of which verbal warning is removed. The rules which they have introduced ar as follows : (1) late for work for one hour it final warning. (2) Absent for work without any proper reason FINAL WARNING.

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