Fr Bwalya is not Bemba, he is ‘Habwalya’ says Cosmo Mumba

Fr Bwalya is not Bemba, he is ‘Habwalya’ says Cosmo Mumba

Opposition National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba says he will next launch his black card campaign against outspoken Catholic clergy  cum politician Father Frank Bwalya.

Dr. Mumba says his campaign will  also target opposition  MMD leader Nevers Mumba to make the duo to return to the pulpit because politics is a wrong for a for them.

He says he will be wearing black attire to symbolize that he was against the two former clergymen who have turned politicians.

Dr. Mumba accused father Bwalya and Dr. Mumba of abandoning the church in preference for politics for selfish gains.

He was speaking in Chongwe district yesterday shortly after republican President Michael Sata laid a foundation stone for the construction of Zambia’s fourth public University, Palabana.

“Next week, l will be putting on black clothes in protest and launch against Fr. Bwalya and Dr. Mumba because they should resign from politics and return to the pulpit where they belong,” the vividly annoyed Mumba said.

The outspoken clergyman, Father Bwalya put up his famous Red Card during the pre – 2011 September Tripartite elections against the then ruling MMD.

And Dr. Mumba has charged that Fr. Bwalya is a Tonga by tribe who originates from Pemba district in Southern province where his biological father hails from.

He said Fr. Bwalya is using her mothers’ name and publicly called him ‘Habwalya’ instead of duping the Zambian people that he was a Bemba by tribe when infact he is not.

He challenged  Fr. Bwaya to take him to court over his statement if he refutes that he was a Tonga by tribe and not a Bemba.

He added that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, Fr. Bwalya and Dr. Mumba were misdirected by criticizing the government of the day which he said it was performing well.

He urged the trio to wait for 2016 elections when there will be general elections and desist from issuing disparaging remarks against the Head of State and the entire Patriotic front leadership that Zambia is headed for economic hardships.

The NRP leader lashed out at fr. Bwalya for championing and supporting gay rights contrary to the country’s constitution.

Fr. Bwalya, a former Executive Director of Get Involved Zambia recently resigned as Chairman of the ZESCO Board of Directors is quoted having said he supports gay rights a move that has raised public outcry.

The Catholic Priest has since formed his political party called Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ).


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