Fr. Bwalya accuses PF of wanting to replace ECZ officials with PF cadres


30TH JULY 2013


The on-going chorus of attack on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) by Patriotic Front (PF) with Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba as the choir master is part of a scheme to replace ECZ chairperson Justice Ireen Mambilima and other critical staff with PF cadres.
PF wants to do this in line with their party constitution article 3 which says; “The Party shall ensure that all public institutions, State-owned enterprises and popular mass and similar organizations are led by persons who are members of the Party and who are uncompromisingly committed to achievements of the Party”.

PF has realized that Justice Mambilima and her staff can’t be used to promote the interests of their party. Therefore, the public should expect many PF officials from various parts of the country to join the chorus the choirmaster Kabimba has started. PF plans to do the same with Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) which has of late exhibited elements of fair and objective coverage of dissenting views. With the police, they have no problem because they are getting full support in advancing their interests.
These machinations should not work. We should oppose them and ensure that we protect the integrity and autonomy of ECZ and other state institutions.
If we allow PF to install their cadres at ECZ we should as well forget about free and fair elections and be prepared for unprecedented anarchy in Zambia.

Fr. Frank Bwalya

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