Fr. Bwalya asks Sata to repent, leave Bishop George Lungu

Open Letter to President Michael Chilufya Sata

March 26, 2014.

Your Excellency,

Ref: Your Threat to sort out Bishop George Lungu

I have confirmed that you phoned Right Reverend George Lungu of the Catholic Diocese of Chipata and threatened to sort him out. The reason for your planned sorting out of Bishop Lungu is that he allowed prayers for the release of the draft constitution to be conducted in a church in his diocese.

Against this background I have decided to write this open letter to you in my capacity as a fellow baptized Christian and a catholic.

I fully understand your anger and frustration now that your party’s promise to deliver a people driven constitution has been exposed as a cheap lie meant to win votes in 2011. I also fully understand your panic and desperation now that you have been entangled in your own web of lies in the current constitution making process.

However, I fail to understand how you can believe that the solution to the current constitution impasse is threats and intimidation. As a catholic I am very disappointed that you have gone to the extent of threatening to sort out a Bishop for allowing people to use a church to pray for the release of the draft constitution and a new people-driven constitution.

If I may ask, what are you going to do to sort out our beloved Shepherd George Lungu? Of-course you can’t de-gazette him the way you have done to Henry Kanyanta Sosala the current paramount chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people. I also know that you can’t deport him contrary to your earlier threat to do so. Zambians want to know how you intend to sort out Bishop Lungu. If you don’t come out in the open and explain how you intend to sort out our innocent Bishop, we shall hold you responsible for anything suspicious that will happen to him. But be forewarned that we shall not allow you to harm our Bishop physically or psychologically. The time when presidents like you abused their power and sorted out innocent citizens for standing on the side of the truth is long gone. Therefore, I urge you to abandon your plans, repent and apologize for threatening to sort out your own spiritual father.

In countries where the rule of law reigns you should have been made to resign. But you are lucky because in Zambia our institutions are too weak to deal with the excesses of the Executive.

Finally, I wish to remind you that Bishop George Lungu is one of those Catholic Bishops and other clergy men and women who you sided with on the same demands for a people-driven constitution under the MMD government. You commended them for boycotting the National Constitution Conference (NCC) and followed suit. What has changed today to warrant threats of sorting out an innocent man of God?

As part of your Lenten observation, I plead with you to abandon your plan to sort out our Bishop, repent and apologize to him and the nation.

Fr Frank Bwalya – Baptized Christian, also leader of ABZ

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