Fr. Bwalya finally launches his party this weekend

We are happy that the police in Kitwe have finally allowed us to enjoy our constitutional freedom to assemble and launch our party namely Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) this week on Saturday 10th August 2013 in Kitwe at Changanamai grounds in Kwacha East. 
We wish to remind the police that their role is to ensure law and order so that citizens can enjoy their rights and freedoms. If the police appreciate this role and refuse to be used to violate our liberties, we shall have more confidence in them and support them in their work.
The launch of our party will mark the beginning of the restoration of the moral campus in the politics of our country. Our party will add value to provision of checks and balances to the PF-led government.
Our party symbol is a pot, used for cooking and our motto is “A better life for all”. Our vision for Zambia is “A Zambia of God fearing citizens who equitably share the fruits of economic progress”. And our mission reads; “ABZ exists to provide political leadership that promotes common good and good governance” whereas our philosophy says “All things exist to give the human person a life filled with joy and hope”.
We are praying for a successful launch to be witnessed by people who believe in the need for new thinking to create a new Zambia.

Fr. Frank Bwalya

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