Fr Bwalya to protest beating of HH

Alliance for a Better Zambia president Father Frank Bwalya says he will hold a lone demonstration to protest the beating of United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Father Bwalya said if Zambians did not challenge the attacks their rights could be suspended by the time they got to the polls in 2016.

“I have just spoken to Dr Canicius Banda of UPND about the harassing of my brother HH. I want to announce that one day soon, I will do a lone protest never seen in this country to protest against the whipping of an opposition leader,” he said.

“This is an attack on Zambia and all should stand up and fight against this culture. If we don’t fight against this, these idiots will suspend our rights and freedoms and in 2016 they will impose their candidate on Zambia.”

He added: “Uku kutumpa sana. Nibukolwe ubwashalikishako. (this stupidity of the highest order, it is monkey behaviour of the lowest grade.”

Father Bwalya said the founding fathers would be let down if they saw the state of the nation right now.

“Our fallen heroes have turned in their graves. As for me, I am prepared to die for this. I will protest,” he said.

“Maybe, something small but extraordinary should happen to start the revolution of stopping stupidity in politics. Dr Kaunda should condemn this in the strongest terms and he should go and warn his boy against this lawlessness. God help us.”

Father Bwalya was in June attacked by Patriotic Front cadres in Kitwe who poured opaque beer on him whilst he was appearing on a live radio programme on Flava FM.

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