Fr Chanakila: Let us do what is Right for the Nation

I love our country Zambia, and I believe we can rise above partisan politics and look at what really this great nation needs. This is my advice to those who can hear the truth as we debate the budget for 2015. In my analysis of the budget I note that the overall policy direction of the budget is that Government has prioritised capital development over social development. As seen from the trimmed education and health budgetary allocation in comparison to the huge multinational companies that have continued to receive tax breaks. It’s obvious that this is basically favouring the elites over ordinary poor Zambians whose wage freeze has not been lifted, yet the multinational companies continue to exploit our resources and make super normal profits through Tax Holidays which this Administration is awarding them. This is coming at the expense of our own SMEs who have received little attention in the budget. Remember the poor Zambians please, I beg you.

Remember the poor unemployed youths languishing in the villages and towns. If you doubt my words despatch your personnel to local villages around the country and you will be shocked at the poverty levels. Government has overlooked the fact that it takes a health society to be productive, it has overlooked the fact that it is only a world class education that’s going to make the country outcompete its neighbours. Government simply doesn’t get it! How else can we explain the fact that it has increased expenditure on military hardware when the nation doesn’t face any potential security threats from terrorist groups or anything like it. I think our greatest national security threat is our economy. Away from partisan politics, let us seat down and reflect for a while on this. We need a strong economy, one that builds on SMEs, we need a highly motivated strong civil service, not one that is depressed by a crippling wage freeze, in short more budgetary allocation should have been directed to social amenities.

The Budgetary allocation on the constitution can only be termed as an assault on our democracy. The Administration should stop playing hide and seek on this one. Zambians have clearly indicated that they want a people driven constitution and party agendas must be put aside to pave way for the good governance through a well consolidated constitution. Otherwise we will continue to move in cycles. It is also no debatable issue that our Government is borrowing unsustainably. Our debt stock keeps increasing, which has obvious consequences on future generations, they will carry the burden and will have to service the debts. Of course borrowing is necessary for any country but not if it’s unsustainable, not when contracts are awarded before national treasury approval. Induced by elections, unplanned expenditure, etc all this must come to an end. We should do this for the Nation, to do what we know in our hearts is morally upright. Our beloved country Zambia has the potential to rise, we can do better than we are now. Listen to your heart, and there you will hear the inner voice, inviting you to do what is right!

Rev. Fr. Muyunda Chanakila
Santa Croce Pontifical University
Rome, Italy

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