Fr. Frank Bwalya asks Sata to resign

Fr. Frank Bwalya asks Sata to resign

Statement by Fr. Frank Bwalya, leader of the Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ)

Fr Bwalya

Fr Bwalya

April 8, 2014.

President Michael Chilufya Sata should resign as Republican President because he has become a danger to Zambia’s peace and stability.

We should all stop burying our heads in the sand and admit that Mr Sata has been behaving in a manner that is highly questionable. He has already done things that have potential to plunge our country into untold turmoil.

The notorious mismanagement of the economy has compounded the suffering of our people and created the kind of discontentment that threatens social harmony. It is also clear that the manner in which Mr Sata has abused his powers to block the Bembas from enthroning their paramount chief Chitimukulu namely Henry Kanyanta Sosala can lead to breakdown in law and order.

Moreover, Mr Sata’s recent open threat to sort out Bishop George Lungu of the Catholic Diocese of Chipata has potential to destroy the unity and harmonious co-existence that our country has sustained since independence. If Bishop Lungu died, God forbid, in a car accident without any foul play or died of natural causes such as heart attack Zambians would rise against the government in a manner that may lead to unprecedented proportions of violence and anarchy.

This is because it would be almost impossible to prove the innocence of Mr Sata’s government in such a death. We should not forget that some civil wars humanity has witnessed including genocides such as the Rwanda genocide were triggered by the killing of one person. As such, anything bad that may happen to Bishop Lungu or indeed any other person who is critical of PF’s bad governance would be blamed on the PF government.

Mr Sata should resign because he has also failed to protect and uphold our Republican Constitution contrary to the oath he undertook when he was sworn in. By threatening citizens including Bishop John Mambo and Bishop Lungu in the manner he has done, Mr Sata has essentially abrogated constitutional rights and freedoms of these citizens. Such rights and freedoms include freedom of conscience and association. Mr Sata has also undermined the freedom of movement of those he has threatened to sort out. I know for sure that Bishop Lungu and all citizens that are perceived to be enemies of PF will not move freely and associate with other people and groups. These citizens will always watch their backs and restrict their movement.

The reality is that we are all living in fear of being sorted out for condemning the lies of PF and opposing the corruption and mediocrity of PF leadership.

Finally, we call upon all Zambians to join the “Red Card” campaign as part of the agenda to force Mr. Sata to resign for the sake of continued peace and stability in our country.

Fr Frank Bwalya

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