Fr. Frank Bwalya demands K1m from Times of Zambia, Cosmo Mumba for libel

ABZ leader Fr. Frank bwalya is demanding K1,000,000 from Times of Zambia for libel. this is according to a letter dated 7th February, 2014 to the PF controlled Times of Zambia and intercepted by the Zambian Watchdog. We reproduce Fr. Bwalya’s letter.

February 7, 2014.

The News Editor
Times Printpak (Z) Limited
Stand No. 1029, 1033, & 1034
Freedom Way


Dear Sir,

I refer to an article that you published in your newspapers namely “Times of Zambia” on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 edition No. 15,884 on page 2 under the headline ‘ABZ breaching Electoral Code’.
Motivated by your habitual malice against me you published the following libelous words against me quoting one Cosmo Mumba who is leader of a political party in Zambia called National Revolution Party (NRP); “… but we are having a problem with Father Frank Bwalya. “He is breaching the Electoral Code of Conduct. We passed through Situmbeko Market on Saturday and people there are wondering why we were just passing through without leaving them with any money.”
You went ahead to publish the following words, “He (Cosmo Mumba) accused the ABZ of trying to corrupt the electorate in Katuba Constituency by allegedly dishing out money and challenged relevant authorities to investigate the matter.”
The ordinary meaning of the words you published is that I Father Frank Bwalya is a lawless person or law breaker who has been breaching the Electoral Code of Conduct and that I am a corrupt person who has been dishing out money to voters to induce them to vote for the candidate that our party ABZ has fielded in the Katuba parliamentary by-election.
These words you have published against me are extremely libelous and highly injurious because the obvious inference from these malicious words is that I am a corrupt person who is not fit to be a priest and Republican President. As such, you have succeeded in lowering my image and character in the eyes of right thinking people.
In view of the above I demand a retraction and an appropriate apology whose wording and manner of publication should be expressly approved by myself. I also demand payment of damages in the sum of One Million Kwacha (K 1,000,000.00).
The above demands should be fulfilled within 9 days from the date of this letter of demand failure to which I shall have no option but to instruct my lawyers to commence legal proceedings against yourself without any further recourse to you.

Yours faithfully,

Fr. Frank Bwalya


CC: Mr. Makebi Zulu – Legal Council
CC: Mr. Sunday NKonde SC – Legal

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