Fr Luonde, Fr Frank Bwalya disown each other

Anglican priest, Fr. Richard Luhonde has distanced himself from Fr. Frank Bwalya’s political party.
Fr Luhonde who is a close ally of Fr. Bwalya and at the same time member of Get Involved Zambia, an organisation which Fr. Bwalya was executive director before he was appointed to serve as chairman on ZESCO board of directors, told a media briefing in Kitwe that the announcement by Fr.Bwalya to form a political party came as a surprise to him.

“Fr Bwalya’s announcement that he had formed a political party has come as a surprise to me, because he never informed us about before he came up with this idea of forming a political party,” said Fr. Luhonde.
Fr. Luhonde, who worked hand in hand with Fr. Bwalya to denounce the MMD government, prior to the 2011 general elections, said he is still a supporter of the PF government and he will make sure that the PF government delivers its 2011 campaign promises.

The Anglican priest also disclosed that a number of people, especially from political circles have been phoning him trying to find out whether he is in support of Fr. Bwalya’s move to form a political party.

But when contacted for a comment, Father Bwalya also distanced himself from Father Luonde saying he had nothing to do with him until further notice.
He said he had nothing to do with Father Luonde and that the Anglican clergyman was not a member of the Get Involved Zambia.
“I have decided to distance myself from Father Luonde until further notice. On the issue of Get Involved Zambia, Father Luonde is not an official of our organization. According to documentation, he does not hold any position in our organization,” Father Bwalya said.

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