Fr. Miha Drevensek upset on voting day

Fr. Miha Drevensek upset on voting day

Back ground: A person who goes by the name of Malambo Kalumbu emailed a statement to a list of media houses and journalists in Zambia directing them to a story published by the world’s biggest press agency, the Associated Press indicating that president Rupiah Banda is in stronger position to win.

Mission press director Father Miha Drevensek.

But this has infuriated Ndola based Catholic priest Miha Drevensek.

Below is his email to Kalumbu copied to all media house:

Dear Friend,

Good morning on the Election Day.
Are you not foolish, how you could dare to litter my email box with such senseless statements. Is it progress or corruption bonanza festival prepared by the old recycled Kaunda’s criminals that will bring victory?

Come to Ndola or any other Copperbelt town and see how many roads were touched for the past 20- years, How many schools were repaired or built with the  GRZ funds and how much polluted water we have to consume while gaining nothing from the profits of nearly 1 million tons of copper that is yearly being swindled out of the country on our dilapidated roads.

We in Ndola breath polluted air from cement and lime factories while even if I want to repair my makeshift toilet I have to pay cement on inflated price and when sick can’t find even panadol in our hospitals. Is this not  BOOMING OF OUR ECONOMY?

You know sir, in a rightful understanding of minimal justice in our juridical system the editors and directors of Times, ZNBC and Daily should have been arrested long ago for their manipulation of justice by braking all the media ethics rules as well as their own regulations by becoming slaves, stooges and bootlickers of a clique of corrupt individuals such as Kunda, Shikapwasha, Dora, VG… I am not saying MMD , sir, as I know too well that there  are many honest and sincere members in there who are equally lamenting with us that do not belong to any political camp.

Printing of ballot papers in SA is well done for you sir, isn’t it??? But in reality is a shame and crime against the nation proving that the ECZ has become an impotent and tootles organ of a rotten system that has been created by a clique of selfish MMD individuals for the past 20 years.

Just take the constitution and Chiluba’s mania trials and see what justice we have in our legal system. Let a woman steal a chicken in Shoprite she will sit, with her baby on her breasts, for months if not years behind the bars while ministries are daily chewing people’s lives – auditor general yearly cileya laments – and who is responsible??? On the other hand our“poorest of the poor ministers” have to get some ‘pocket money’ as their midterm gratuities that mount nothing less but 35 years of honest sweat of a teacher’s work. This is your national justice sir, isn’t it that deserve to be continued for the next 5 years??!!! Very prosperous, sir!!!

Sir you must really be a blind admirer  of a rotten political system that has been created in the name of democracy otherwise you would have never ever dared to write such foolish words and send them foolishly to us.

President Banda will win, we know that. But unfortunately his victory is not as a result of the MMD good performance or majority of people’s choice but because of the manipulation of the public media, misuse of GRZ resources, manipulation of the Constitution and using people’s misery and poverty by offering them shameful gifts. He knows this reality too well and I know and pray that he would be humble enough and be very careful in celebrating his victory. Zambia being a peaceful nation will accept the results, as it is better to live in poverty than to die in violence. They have no choice. As for the Christian nation, sir, you better dump this word into a dustbin as it is a rotten fraze behind which are hiding national thieves and manipulators all going to different churches.

Our “good unifying” opposition leadership is surely another reality of ‘ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION’ where each one is thinking of his/her own fat belly and pocket and so leave ‘ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION’ to continue starving in misery, injustice and poverty. Well done opposition!!!

God bless you sir, I pray that you would sooner rather than later open your eyes and start to think with a spirit of nationwide 70% poverty stricken people rather than being cocooned into a shell of hypocrisy, bootlicking and slaving the clique of manipulators of justice, fairness and love. It is only then that we shall make a U turn as a Nation and together start to strive towards a better equality for all.

My the almighty Lord bless you, I pray, and let Him keep you in his love, enlighten you and all of us with the spirit of sane thinking, judging and acting upon wholeheartedly in His name of LOVE. This is the only way how our tomorrow will be better for all.

Fr. Miha

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