FRA rubbishes Veep Wina’s directive not to export maize

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has rubbished Vice President Inonge Wina’s directive not to deplete the food reserves and will go ahead with the planned supply to Zimbabwe.

On Thursday, Wina cautioned against exporting maize in order to avoid hunger in the country in view of the anticipated poor harvest this year. But FRA Executive Director Chola Kafwabulula has rubbished the vice-president’s  directive saying FRA will go ahead to supply maize to Zimbabwe , in line with President Edgar Lungu’s mutual agreement with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

Kafwabulula claims that even if Zambia records a poor harvest this year, the country’s food reserves would still be sufficient. Kafwabulula’s remarks are in support of Agriculture minister Given Lubinda who is being used by Lungu to ensure that Zimbabwe whose agriculture has been poor receives the maize stocks.

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