FRA terminates contracts of 1500 supervisors

Dear Editor,

I write to let the nation know that even if the PF Government is threatening to revoke the licence for KCM, it is just an act of ignorance and hypocrisy as they have just terminated contracts of over 1500 depot supervisors Country wide.

In Pemba, Depot supervisors are gearing up to demonstrate against this

decision and more could follow up on the Copperbelt and Lusaka.

This is another fake promise by PF broken, as they promised youths

long sustainable jobs.

On the copperbelt depot supervisors are planning to visit ZNBC to send their message of Disappointment to the President who they say have forsaken them.

It seems the PF have failed this country and as youths we are very disappointed and regret voting PF.

Affected F.R.A Depot Supervisor

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