Frail Lungu takes another break after addressing 2 rallies, plans to raid Watchdog

Frail Lungu takes another break after addressing 2 rallies, plans to raid Watchdog


After a ‘hectic’ campaign programme of addressing a few rallies in Mazabuka, Monze and Sinazongwe in Southern Province, outgoing President Edgar Lungu has again suspended campaigns and proceeded for a retreat at some excluded lodge in Nyimba District, Eastern Province.

Lungu was scheduled to continue campaigning in Lusaka this weekend with scheduled and planned rallies in Munali, Lusaka Central, and Kanyama constituencies, but his Spokesperson Amos Chanda in a short media statement last evening announced that these will now take place next week during weekdays.

But State House sources have revealed that Lungu is too stressed to mount a robust campaign programme and has been advised not to stand and speak for more than 30 minutes at any event and needs a lot of rest.

He has since gone on a beer drinking retreat at some lodge in Nyimba before he can continue with his rallies where he basically addresses the same hired and transported crowds anywhere.

So far Lungu has mainly resorted to repressive measures of instigating political violence, brutality and thuggery against those who are vigorously campaigning, especially his main rival the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and other party officials who are addressing minimum 3 rallies in day in various parts of the country.

So far it is either Lungu has given up on this election or he is relying on stealing votes with the aid of the Electoral Commission of Zambia and some hired foreign nationals currently doctoring the voters registers with a view to defranchise voters in opposition strongholds.

Other tactics so far involve media clampdown such as the closing of the Post Newspaper and eminent raids and arrest of journalists connected to online media such as the Zambian Watchdog, while he continues to exclusively abuse the government owned media now turned PF media wings.

Anyway, have a nice rest Mr. President enjoying all sorts of alcholic drinks with michopo from wild animals after only 3 rallies in 3 days while your friends keep pounding the ground with minimum 3 rallies in day.

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