Frank Bwalya admits he has failed

Failed priest Frank Bwalya has admitted that he has failed to win support for PF.

Bwalya has been running a hate speech campaign based on tribalism but the more he churns out tribal hatred, the more people hate PF and big fish join PF.

Here is the updated list of Frank Bwalya’ failures:

Failed as an ordinary man (doesn’t even take care of his wild oats)

Failed school (have you ever heard him comment on grade 12 controversy?)

Failed as Radio Ichengelo station manager
Failed as MISA chairperson (expelled after a few months in office)

Failed as priest (excommunicated)
Failed as Zesco board chairperson (forced to resign after failing to chair meetings involving technical issues)

Failed to run his party whatever the name was

With this string of failures, he went to PF bitter and of hatred for people who had nothing to do with his failures and therefore used his new powers to wage war of tribalism.

Now he has just failed to run a small media committee.
To his credit, he managed to sacrifice a chicken in public

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