Frank Bwalya’ bizarre attempt to insulate PF from killing of opposition supporters


Zambians cannot and will not allow President Edgar Chagwa Lungu abdicate his responsibility to defend every citizens regardless of political persuasion. He swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the Republic in its entirety.

So when a Head of State and Commander In Chief is heard lavishly commanding his Police at a political rally, to deal with his political opponents because, “ukutumpa kwachila mo”, and two weeks down the line the Police carry out the instruction, and then he tries to wash off his hands, it will simply not do.

When the Police carried out an extra judicial killing on Mapenzi, the first express explanation came from Brian Haapunda, that a street vendor had been shot by UPND cadres. Where did he get those details within such a short period of time?

As if not to be out done,the Police within the hour issued an unsolicited statement, which inter alia indicated that they had shot at a UPND cadre with rubber bullets after an altercation, and that they had rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Now these statements from Haapunda and the Police are remarkably contradictory. No need to guess why.

Fr Hoaxtable Bwalya finds it difficult to comprehend why a picture was taken shortly before Mapenzi was shot, suggesting that the one who took the photo was preparing her for slaughter. Come on Fr Rasputin!

In this day and age, every movement is recored, every activity is electronically noted. Technology is so advanced that a needle in your bedroom can be scanned from Mars. Take a walk in Cairo road, and you will literally find thousands of camera phones. Any investigator who requires a footage of a crime that may have occurred within a specified area, will just need to talk to a few vendors, and you are likely to get it.

A week ago, a woman in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, filmed the shooting of her fiancee and streamed it live on Facebook. If it had been in Zambia, Frank Bwalya and his PF would have suspected her of conniving in the killing.

Whether PF like it or not, the murder of Mapenzi is as a result of their penchant for disruptive tactics on whatever the opposition does. Their fiery and impassioned hate speech and inflammatory language is the cause of these deaths that have really been disconcerting to all right thinking Zambians.

The disproportionate and selective policing by the Zambia Police, has become a repugnant hallmark of Edgar Lungu’s miserable watch.

To fight violence Zambians must fight to change the system rather than allow tye PF to demonise people. This PF method stinks and is patently false and appalling.

Everybody knows PF are a leaderless movement. All Zambians of all backgrounds are enamored with late President Sata as a symbol of resilience and solid leadership. The comedy we are witnessing in the PF is condescendingly horrifying and dangerous.

Persistent attempts by the PF to mischaracterise the affirmation of many Zambians of Hakainde Hichilema as a capable leader is backfiring on them. HH is the man of the moment. He is the epicentre of things to come on August 11.

The Zambia Police is supposed to represent the best of our society, defending our greatest values and the noblest Zambian character, not murdering citizens at the instigation of politicians in power. They will be made to account.

Concerned Zambian

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