Frank Bwalya buying voters’ cards in Muchinga

Frank Bwalya buying  voters’ cards in Muchinga

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Posted on July 13, 2016

Many have wondered what the fallen Priest has been up to lately as he has gone extremely silent from the public. Well, we caught up with the former priest and found him doing exactly what we thought he was doing…that crook of a man!

Bwalya is distributing money in Muchinga Province and getting people’s voters cards in exchange. He has been doing this rigging scheme for a long time now and he has promised Lungu of a landslide Victory in the area.

The program is so organised that the State has dedicated a helicopter for all his errands to allow him touch the remotest areas so as to bribe as many as possible. This is the method Bwalya used in Luwingu district, he has done this fraud before and is confident it will work again.

Bwalya is lodged at Tazama guest house with the bill being footed by OUR tax payers money!

Lungu has gone a step further to bribe Chief Nkula by buying him a brand new VX on top of his salary increment. This gesture has ONLY been shown to Chief Nkula, who is also receiving huge allowances from Frank Bwalya, all at the expense of his subjects.

Why hasn’t Lungu bought for all Chiefs??

The same chief has been allocated 60 truck loads of Mukula tree to export. This sounds small but 60 truck loads of this tree amounts to billions of Kwacha…tax free!!!

The PF are having a fair share of the mukula tree in his area. They have employed boys chopping trees who are paid k45,000 per truck load, now guess how much Bwalya is syphoning from this illegal trade without even paying a single coin in taxes. All the excess money is channelled for PF campaigns.

Lungu is corrupting youths and chiefs together all in his bid to win…it is shameful indeed!

Bwalya is doing nothing but littering stolen money all over. This is what the former priest has been doing in his silence. He is bribing, stealing, buying voters cards and preaching hate among the people.

Lungu is fully aware of how Zambia is being defrauded, but he supports that…what a shame indeed. What a leader

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