Frank Bwalya continues insulting people leaving PF, say Lupando is finished

Frank Bwalya continues insulting people leaving PF, say Lupando is finished

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has described former vice President Lupando Mwape as a finished politician who has been rejected on two occasions by his own people in Northern Province.

A few days ago, Mr Mwape, and former gender minister  Rose Banda joined the UPND along with the entire MMD structures in Milanzi constituency and accompanied by senior Headman Chimozi who was representing traditional leadership in

Former Milanzi MP Rose Banda

Former Milanzi MP Rose Banda

the area who had a powerful message from the people from that area, especially the farming community.

But 12525213_1021269757955179_9020443971833067426_oBwalya said the former Vice President was a non- entity in the country’s political dispensation and that he has gone to join the UPND with the faint hope of getting a job if they win this year’s elections.

He said as far as the PF is concerned Mr Mwape is only one of the people who just associated with the ruling party during the elections in January and expected a job when the party returned power hence is a bitter person because he was not given a job.

He added that the former Veep was never a member of the party and that the PF has not lost any members in the last 72 hrs.

Mr Bwalya also said the party was aware that Mr Mwape has been seeing chiefs of Northern Province in a bid to win support of the traditional leadership so that they can support his ambitions to be adopted by the UPND as a running mate.

He further laughed at the assertions that Mr Mwape would deliver Northern Province to the UPND saying this is the person who failed to win a parliamentary seat when he was Vice President in 2006.

Mr Mwape together with scores of MMD officials led by their Chairperson for Local Government Rose Banda on Tuesday ditched their parties to join the UPND.

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