Frank Bwalya happy with ending of strikes

Former Radio Ichengelo Station Manager, Frank Bwalya, has commended nurses and teachers on their decision to call off their strike action.

Father Bwalya said it was good that nurses and teachers have realized that their resolve to go on a strike was causing a lot of problems and sufferings among Zambians citizens in the country.

He said it was sad that many lives were lost while many other people were suffering because there were no medical personnel to attend to them.

He said it was regrettable that nurses and teachers had to take that action which subjected a lot of poor people to untold misery.

Father Bwalya however advised government to improve the salaries and conditions of service of civil servants in the country.

He told said government must now show a lot of commitment in uplifting the plight of the civil service in order to avoid similar situations in future.

Father Bwalya said there was need for the government ministers to sacrifice part of their pay and allowances before calling on lowly paid civil servants to do so.

He has since called on the Zambian people to engage government and other national leaders in dialogue in order for their voice to be heard.

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