Frank Bwalya is a disgrace

The Radio Phoenix “ Let the people talk” this morning Tuesday 5th January 2016, featured Mr Likando Mufalali, Mr Antonio Mwanza, Mr Bwalya Lengwe and Fr Frank Bwalya. During the program Antonio Mwanza challenged Fr Bwalya about the letter that he( Fr Bwalya) wrote to ZNBC accusing the national broadcaster of being used as a propaganda tool by and championing the agenda of a specific opposition political party.

This letter was written when Fr Bwalya was ABZ Leader. On the program Fr Bwalya shamelessly denied making such damaging accusations to ZNBC.

Antonio tried to read the letter but Fr Bwalya arrogantly claimed that what Antonio had was a doctored letter.

Honestly, I must confess that I am so disappointed with the behavior of a person who was ordained to stand at the pulpit with the Bible in his hand and preach the word of truthfulness and sincerity. This is the person the respected Catholic Bishops and Vatican have allowed to continue carrying and abusing the word and title of “FATHER”.

This is not only shameful but very deeming of the status of the Catholic worldwide and blasphemy of the worst kind.

Let party cadres be in politics and stop masquerading as men and women of GOD. Lord hear our prayers.   

I have reproduced the letter below and I am sure the respected Board Chairman Dr Mulwila SC, will bear me witness.




Below is the letter Fr. Bwalya wrote to ZNBC Board Chairman:

December 3, 2014.

The Chairperson
ZNBC Board
Mass Media Complex

Dear Dr. John Mulwila SC,


I write to you to protest against using ZNBC as a tool for partisan propaganda.
On Wednesday December 3, 2014 ZNBC Radio 4 main English news bulletin carried a story alleging that Mr Henry Kanyanta Sosala had blessed and endorsed United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. The said news item went further to report that Mr. Henry Kanyanta Sosala who is Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people became the second chief in Zambia to endorse Mr. Hichilema.
Since a recent similar story of Chitimukulu endorsing Mr. Hichilema was dismissed by Bashilubemba as a total fabrication, I decided to phone a few people that were in the meeting when Mr.Hichilema and his party officials met Chitmukulu on the evening of Tuesday, December 2, 2014. The people I called convinced me that there was no such undertaking as endorsing Mr.Hichilema. I am reliably informed that Mr.Hichilema asked to be blessed and Chitimukulu gladly blessed him the same way anyone seeking the blessing of MwineLubemba would be blessed and that there was nothing, not even faintly, to suggest an endorsement of the candidature of Mr.Hichilema.
The truth of the matter is that ZNBC has been championing the agenda of a specific political party which has been receiving positive and extended coverage. This development has been a source of concern to many Zambians. However, we are more worried now to see that ZNBC is even becoming a tool for spreading partisan propaganda and lies.
It is not necessary for me to remind you about the role of ZNBC as a state broadcaster. Moreover, the obligation by ZNBC to cover all political parties in a fair and balanced manner can’t be over-emphasized.
As such, I appeal to you and your board to save our national broadcaster from being used to champion partisan interests let alone being used as a propaganda tool by one political party.
It is my hope that this matter will receive serious consideration by your board.

Yours faithfully,

Fr. Frank Bwalya

CC: The Minister of Information and broadcasting Services
CC: The Chairperson – Electoral Commission of Zambia
CC: The Director General – ZNBC
CC: Media

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