Frank Bwalya is a prophet of doom

Frank Bwalya is a prophet of doom

The recent observations by Rev. Bwalya on Mr Sata’s appointments of long fingered persons to public office and subsequent withdrawal of some of them raise poignant issues about him.

To begin with, the priest beatified and bestowed upon self a non canonical sainthood contrary to the views of the Holy See. In the run up to the Sept 22 vote, He called himself John the Baptist (a high Prophet – Mathew 3:1). The curate further made a pagan and non – conical oblation by beheading a chicken contrary to SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL:  DEI VERBUM  (“Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation” – November 18, 1965) and Article 2 (par. 74-100): “The Transmission of Divine Revelation“, whereby he gullied the public to believe he was a Prophet with a revelation that Sata was messiah for Zambians and only him would unease fetters of poverty bondage.

The Priest’s actions are not anywhere close to Providentissimus dues – encyclical of Pope Leo xiii on the study of Holy Scripture  ‘For although in Divine revelation there are contained some things which are not beyond the reach of unassisted reason, and which are made the objects of such revelation in order “that all may come to know them with facility, certainty, and safety from error, yet not on this account can supernatural Revelation be said to be absolutely necessary; it is only necessary because God has ordinated man to a supernatural end.”(1) This supernatural revelation, according to the belief of the universal Church, is contained both in unwritten Tradition, and in written Books, which are therefore called sacred and canonical’. The solicitude of the Apostolic office naturally urges, and even compels us, not only to desire that this grand source of Catholic revelation should be made safely and abundantly accessible to the flock of Jesus Christ, but also not to suffer any attempt to defile or corrupt it, either on the part of those who impiously and openly assail the Scriptures, or of those who are led astray into fallacious and imprudent novelties.

Away from Catechesis, Fr Frank Bwalya is today quoted in media sections as saying ‘SATA Is EMBARASSING’ . Whoops!….what is it exactly that Bwalya saw in his revelation to make such a U – turn from following a man purportedly leading us to the Promised Land? The political excitement exhibited by this clergyman blurred his divine calling to priesthood and as such should immediately denounce his association with PF, Sata and play neutral politics. Ecclesia’s (Catholicism) political stance is anchored on the elevation of disadvantaged people to humane living without actively sponsoring, organising and participating in activities of a particular political party.  I further urge 3 Bishop Appointees to sit of the Committee of Experts on the Constitution making exercise not to depart from this noble calling and i propose Archbishop of Lusaka Archdiocese, Bishop of Mongu Diocese and Bishop of Livingstone Diocese to sit on this committee. If any one of these has pontifical assignments, the Bishop of Chipata shall sit for him.

Fr Bwalya should immediately distance himself from Sata and play neutral. One way is revamping the Red Card campaign against appointment of corrupt leaders and fighting all forms of injustice regardless of source.

The author Theocritus Boyd Malama (PhD) is a Former Catholic Seminarian.


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