Frank Bwalya, others back MMD in Sept bye-elections

Frank Bwalya, others back MMD in Sept bye-elections

Four insignificant political parties, calling themselves ‘alliance’ have pledged to support the opposition MMD in the forthcoming September 11th Parliamentary by-elections.

Alliance coordinator Frank Bwalya has disclosed to Qfm news that the decision to support the MMD in all five September 11th Parliamentary by-elections is due to the fact that four out of the five vacant parliamentary seats belonged to the former ruling party.

frankThe parties are Frank Bwalya’s ABZ, PP, APC and ZDDM.

Frank Bwalya recently lost his entire executive to the UPND. We are not sure what PP and APC are, or who leads them but will find out and update. ZDDM is lead by Mr Sakala.

Father Bwalya, who is also ABZ president, says the four opposition political parties that have pledged to rally the behind the MMD are determined to do everything possible to ensure the former ruling party wins the by-elections in which other political parties such as the ruling PF and UPND are contesting.

He said the idea is to ensure that the Alliance’s members continue having more seats in Parliament to make certain that good laws that are of the benefit of the Zambia are enacted.

Frank Bwalya further disclosed that the Alliance is still working on the modalities of coming up with one leader who will be the President of the Alliance. The Alliance includes MMD.

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