Frank Bwalya says he shot video mocking Dr Canisius Banda because he is an actor

Confused former Catholic Priest Frank Bwalya has said he produced the video mocking UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda because he (Bwalya) was an actor.
Bwalya told 5 FM radio on Thursday morning that he was an actor and if anyone was offended by the video they can go to court.
‘Iam an actor and some people may not know this, if someone thinks it is wrong they can go to court,’ Bwalya said.
Typical of a confused man, when he was quizzed on the video by callers he changed and said he does not know anything about the video.
‘I don’t know that video you are talking about, watch the video and call me, I don’t know if I shot the video all I know is that Dr Canisius Banda has released a video,’ Bwalya hallucinated.
And Bwalya reiterated that he comes from the same village with the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema but he can’t say he was related to him because the Zambian Watchdog, which he kept referring to in his interview, will say he was soliciting for money.
‘The Zambian Watchdog can be foolish, if I say Hakainde Hichilema is my relative they will twist the story that I am claiming to be a relative so that he can give me five cows,’ Bwalya said.
Bwalya further claimed that the Zambian Watchdog was confused and he doesn’t care that they call him a chatterbox. ‘Zambian Watchdog na fulungana,’ the confused Bwalya claimed.

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