Frank Bwalya says it’s unacceptable that some people voted for opposition

Former Catholic Priest and Deputy PF Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has hallucinated that it is unacceptable that some regions did not vote for President Lungu in last Thursdays elections despite ‘development’ that the government has done in those places.
And Jean Kapata has said that the PF is shocked by the vote pattern that was recorded in Western and North Western provinces.
‘It is unacceptable that people in areas where government has brought development can vote for the opposition,’ Bwalya said.
Bwalya has further claimed that his party has disowned PF cadres who are insulting and attacking UPND members as they celebrate President Lungu’s dubious victory.
This follows a complaint by UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka that UPND members in Lusaka, Mpika and Solwezi where being attacked by PF cadres and that in Mpika some have run into the bush for safety but were being pursued.
Immediately President Lungu was declared winner he addressed his cadres and claimed he was shocked at the way ‘some’ people voted against him.
The PF cadres then went on rampage insulting people from regions that did not vote for Lungu with some saying they were shocked that Western Province rejected Lungu despite having a running mate from the region in Inonge Wina.
‘How can the Lozis vote like that against President Lungu after giving them a Vice President and the Mongu Kalabo road? It’s shocking, said one PF cadre.

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