Fred M’membe is a selfish, vindictive, hypocritical, unrepentant, and shameless liar

Fred M’membe has prooved time and time again that he is a selfish, hypocritical, unrepentant and shameless liar and the firing of Wynter Kabimba by Michael Sata has exposed him once again for whom he really is, which is nothing but a selfish, hypocritical, unrepentant and shameless liar. Just look at the laughable desperation in his editorials in his Post newspaper since the time his partner in crime , Wynter Kabimba, was fired. Today Fred Membe becomes a person to teach us morals. Can someone ask him to at least pretend he is not so hurt by his buddy’s firing? In today’s editorial in his Post newspaper, he just fell short of giving us the reasons he thinks Wynter was fired. The rumblings, ranting and rhetoric in the Post newspaper’s editorial column since Wynter Kabimba was fired are indeed laughable. I am sure Michael Sata is not deluded to think that the rest of his lieutenants are angels. He knows there are still some snakes on the other side to Wynter’s side. I hope Michael Sata now realizes how important it is to give us the constitution. These are the kind of people in the hands of whom he would leave this country to if, God forbid, anything was to happen to him. Here is a man, who thinks he is a god and thinks he runs the affairs of this country from Bwiji Mfumu road. When I say Fred Membe is a selfish, vindictive, hypocritical, unrepentant, and shameless liar, I am not exaggerating. He is just that and I will elaborate.


In Fred Membe’s heard everything is about him. If he deems something wrong he expects that everyone should deem it wrong too and anyone who disagrees with him is called all sorts of names. If he deems something right, he expects everyone to deem it right as well. Hikainde Hichilema has been labeled tribal by Fred Membe in his editorial column of his Post newspaper and he expects everyone to agree with his selfish opinion about HH. For as as long as he had something to gain from Wynter Kabimba’s position in the Patriotic Front (PF), he cared less about any complaints coming from the opposition about the violence that was being perpetrated by Wynter Kabimba’s PF onto innocent citizens. Today when his buddy and partner in crime is finally fired for what some of us have been complaining about for a long time, Fred Membe wants to start teaching us morals. The same morals that he lacks. As long as something suits him, he will try to convince the weak at heart to believe in it. It’s good that today even Michael Sata himself and PF cadres are beginning to see through Fred Membe.


When Fred Membe hates you for whatever reason, he will hate you to the grave. Its surprising that in his column in his paper even to this date, he still wants to portray Fredrick Chiluba, may his soul rest in peace, who is not here to defend himself as such an evil and corrupt person when its him who is evil. Even if Fred Membe disagrees with how Fredrick Chiluba was acquitted of his corruption cases, he can for the sake of respecting the judiciary respect Chiluba in his death. For all his mistakes, Fredrick Chiluba is one good thing that happened to this country. If you want to hate him, you are allowed to, its a free country, everyone’s opinion is respectected but at least don’t deliberately forget that its him whether correctly or wrongly who gave alot of Zambians an opportunity to own houses. Only those who used to have relatives who worked for Zambian Airways used to know what an apple tests like but today you find apples even on the street in Shangombo.

The public transport system was revamped. The roads were rehabilited and some build from scratch. Its under Chiluba’s reign that most Zambians realized that they could and were entitled to dream big and that they could strive to be better people. Chiluba brought self-belief into most Zambians. He had his faults which are too obvious to discuss here but remembering him from only his mistakes is only being vindictive.

Fred Membe for his obvious fallout with Rupia Banda, wants to brain wash every Zambian that Rupia was such a bad man. Just look at how gittery Fred Membe became when  rumours that RB could habour intentions of comming back to politics and stand as a presidential candidate in 2016 started gathering pace. If Rupia Banda was indeed such a bad man, which he wasn’t and I am happy that many people now do realize this, Fred Member wouldn’t need to constantly remind people that Rupia Banda was corrupt. Zambians would remember by themselves. But because this is just vindictiveness from Fred Membe which we all know comes as a result of RB refusing to bail Member out in his scheme to not pay back the money he owed Zambians through the Development Bank of Zambia, he has had to wage a campaign of smearing and slandering RB in his newspaper so as to brain wash Zambians because he knows his lies about RB have short legs and they can’t walk on their own.


If there is one vice that Fred Membe possesses and possesses it so well and in such great quanties, it is hypocrisy. Let’s not forget that this is the same man who was so critical of Michael Sata during Levy Mwanawasa’s reign and even claimed Sata wasn’t presidential material. But today because it suits him, he speaks so well of Michael Sata and the PF. What has changed for Micheal Sata to move from someone who can’t make a head of state to his buddy? It’s okay for Fred Membe to call HH a tribalist as long as its suits him but wrong for HH and the rest of us to assert the same about the PF. If you want to taste even just a bit of Fred Membe’s hypocrisy, you won’t have to search far. In his recent column of the 30th August 2014 titled “Don’t put water in your boat”, you won’t have to read more than one paragraph of his opinion column before you can vividly see his hypocrisy. For example, Fred Membe deliberately turned a blind eye, when it suited him, to the fact that the PF came to power through a number of fake promises and lying to the electorate. But now that he is affected because his hope, his buddy has now been uprooted from the PF, Fred Membe claims that those who have caused Wynter Kabimba to be fired “have gotten where they are today by lies, deceit, and manipulation; and they will attempt to stay there by lies, deceit and manipulation.”. Like a spoit child, who thinks everything should go his way, he goes on to claim that “Where this fails, they will use brute force, violence”. Now that he has had the taste of the PF cadres violence, that’s when he wants to talk about violence which he used to turn a deliberate blind eye to. I can go on and on but the simple truth is Fred Membe is such a hypocrite and should be seen as such.


One would think that after what Fred Member has been through in the previous regimes he would learn and decide to take one position about an issue and stand by it, at least for the sake of principles. But no. Not Fred Membe. I can assure you right now he is scheming and looking for who he can work with now that Wynter his buddy is no longer useful to his personal ambitions. What this space. Guy Scott anyone?


Fred Membe can and has changed positions on several issues without shame depending on what suits him at that moment. He doesn’t even have the decency to explain what has caused his change of heart. He will just change his position. From Sata not being presidential material to Michael his buddy. From supporting and praising and even giving credence to Daniel Munkombwe’s absurd and insulting statement that “We are all in politics to eat”, to Membe now condemning the rest of the people in PF and claiming that these people have “money they have obtained from government through all sorts of schemes from bribes they have been receiving”.


Fred Membe is a shameless liar. He has the audacity to put across his personal opinion and mask it as gospel truth. He will judge people according to what he thinks and feels they should be judged on irrespective of what the truth on the ground is. When he decides that HH is a tribalist, he will tell this lie to everyone through his paper and it doesn’t matter the reality on the ground. The fact that HH and his UPND are making headway in being a national party as evidenced by their increase in the number of votes they are receiving from places where they wouldn’t even get one vote not long ago means nothing to Fred Membe. All he wants to see is lies that HH is tribal. He even has the audacity to lie that Wynter Kabimba resisted a ministirial position and accepted it hesitantly after the PF came to power. He thinks everyone is too naive to believe his lies. Why would Wynter be so devastated from being fired from a job he resisted and hesitantly took?

I am glad Michal Sata and many others are now beginning to see Fred Member for who he really is. Some of us have known this side about him for a long time now but every time we expose this side of him, we are accused of being bitter. Given Lubinda learned this the hard way. GBM knew this side of Fred Membe and that is why GBM was too good and too smart for Fred Membe. Michael Sata, jus like Given Lubinda has learned this the hard way. The good thing is everyone is coming to this realization.

Forget Fred Membe’s innuendos in his paper where he is trying to portray Wynter Kabimba as a victim. Forget his rhetoric about how hard working and loyal Wynter Kabimba has been to the PF and how valuable an asset Kabimba is to the PF. Forget his suspiciously, now long editorials full of desperate attempts to make people think it was a mistake for Michael Sata to fire Wynter.I urge you all to see this rhetoric for what it really is. It’s all about Fred Membe and him only. Fred Memb himself likes telling us that, “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the times”. By firing Wynter Kabimba Michael Sata has gotten rid of 97.9% of the reasons why people hate PF.

Concerned Zambian.


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