Fred Mmembe and Kabimba direct ACC to investigate Chikwanda

Post Newspaper owner Fred Mmembe and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba have  directed Anti Corruption Commission Director General Rosywn Wandi to investigate Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda and Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Berlin Msiska.

Chikwanda, Msiska  and Commissioner of Customs at ZRA Dingani Banda are alleged to have received bribes of close to US$ 4 million from First Quantum Minerals in order to facilitate the isuance of Statutory Instrument (SI) 89 of 2013 that suspended duty on export of raw Copper Ore.

A source from the pro-Wynter Kabimba group has told the Zambian Watchdog that Kabimba personally called Mrs. Wandi on Monday evening directing her to investigate the two and others for possible corruption and possible abuse of office of authority.

The source said it seems Kabimba has impeccable evidence that Mr. Chikwanda, Mr. Msiska and Dingani Banda received kickbacks from First Quantum Minerals. The source said what was more surprising is that Msiska did not table the SI 89 of 2013 with the Zambia Revenue Authority Board.

“What is so suspicious is that Msiska prepared the SI 89 the day the ZRA board was sitting but he did not table it for the board to discuss the merits and demerits of the SI, Kabimba has inquired and he has been told it was not discussed” the source said.

The Zambian Watchdog can confidently report that Chikwanda last night resigned his position as Finance Minister but was quickly summoned to State House where President Sata tried to persuade him to reverse his decision.

The pro Kabimba group consider Chikwanda the god father of tribalism in PF.

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