Fred Mm’embe found with case to answer

M'membe (photo courtesy of picture monger)

M'membe (photo courtesy of picture monger)

Post Newspaper owner and editor Fred M’membe has been found with a case to answer and put on his defense.
This is in the case where he and his paper are charged with contempt of court.
The contempt case arose out of the case where the paper published an article titled ‘Kabwela trial; comedy of errors.’

Magistrate David Simusamba this morning ruled that he was satisfied that the prosecution established a prima facie case against M’membe and his paper.
He adjourned the matter to December 4th this year for the commencement of trial.

Just the other day, Post newspaper news editor Chansa Kabwela was cleared of the criminal charge of circulating obscene material.

Chansa Kabwela was acquitted Monday after a magistrate said the prosecution had failed to prove that the two photos were obscene. She was arrested in July and had faced up to five years in prison if convicted.

Magistrate Charles Kafunda said the photos were not obscene as they were never published in Kabwela’s Post newspaper, and she only e-mailed them to officials including the vice president.

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