Fred M’membe goes vulgar

Fred M’membe goes vulgar

Why does he like that musula thing he is mentioning so much ?

He appears alone on billboards, no running mate.

Promises to dismantle Zambia’s debt but failed to pay his debt to the ZRA.

He is too angry for ulterior motives.

Socialism is evil, dictatorial and belongs to a Karl Max era where you can be in state house but convince masses that they are the ones ruling. You need a backward population to do that. , not the millennials.

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 2 weeks ago

    M’membe, like Lungu, knows his target audience. That’s why he is talking like that and in Bemba. Only Bembas will vote for him. We are not interested. This is not a normal Zambian story.

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    Muwerewere Musemakweri 2 weeks ago

    Brother Fred is now paying back his dues to the Zambian people. This is the man with his ” Dead Post” propedup the once Mighty PF to power thus leading to the destruction even the lito that MMD left under RB. He testing the medicine which others were taking whilst he was rubbing shoulder with the PF Top brass. Fred is not in the race but just showing up at dinner otherwise the main battle is between ECL and HH. Fred has to kupalauka for some time before he can make the cut in the Presidential League. Embrasing Socialism in this age is an academic exercise. Any way experience is a great teacher Brother Fred should experience it as in individual. Socialism in its current form is a formalized Dictorship.

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      Julie Mudenda 2 weeks ago

      Well said brother. Fred could have been someone else.