Fred M’membe is ‘Satanic’

By Maliko Ila Lubu.

I have never seen a man so vile so vindictive, so churlish as Mmembe. In that man’s heart is resident evil that can not be explained in an article. If you happen to have the misfortune of crossing his path in a wrong way – real or imaginary- you are in the deep. If Mmembe was all you had in sight and you were drowning in quicksand, he would not give a damn. The man is such a sadist that sometimes I think, no I am convinced, that something terrible happened to him in the past that he harbors so much grudge, so much loath. It makes me wonder if he was hurt as a child or as an adolescent. Let me explain why I am saying this.

In yesterdays Post in his editorial titled Lessons On How Not To Run A Party he used these words ….”If the UPND was not a regional party, a Bantustan party, it’s victory would have been assured in this election.”

First off the UPND top leadership comprise president HH from Southern, VP Kapita from Northwestern, VP Dr Banda from Eastern, Secretary General-Mutale Nalumango from Kaputa in Northern.And so on and so forth! Of course most UPND MPs are from southern and so goes the most PF MPs, from mostly Bemba speaking region.

Alright now that we have that out of the way, I want to address his Bantus derogatory term. I know he hates UPND’s HH and the UPND. Of course he will tell you that he doesn’t hate the party but hates tribalism in UPND. I don’t care much about his hate for HH but I am touched by the words that he used to describe the UPND, in particular the word Bantustan. I will refer to it as the B-word. It is a derogatory term coined by some racist Afrikaans in the height of South African Apartheid. They separated Africans so that they could set tribe against tribe. The Afrikaans would tell lies to each tribe about other tribes so that they hated each other. That is exactly what Mmembe is doing. Except now he is setting up every other tribe against his B-word region. It is a defamatory term which should be condemned by civic leaders with contempt it deserves.

Let me put that in context, if today an American politician used that word to describe a Zambian, he would be forced to resign the next day by the outrage the world would pour on that politician. Even as far away as Zambia is from America, geographically and politically he would be expelled. If a South African politician, white or black were to use that term towards another person or grouping, he would be forced to resign. To come from an editor of a Zambian newspaper, a black man for that matter referring to another Zambian, is not only shameful but downright evil in its worst spiteful form. That is the equivalent of racism. To bring it home, Guy Scott with all his weaknesses and shortcoming he would never sink that low to describe another Zambian like that. It would be racist. Guy Scott where his ancestors in Scotland come from their is an insulting regional hateful term used to refer to his people similar to the abusive to word Mmembe used.

Again the B-word is a racist term. And most racists, just like Mmembe are quick to say I am not a racist I have this black or if black will say white friends. So in the same way Mmembe will tell you that he has friends or employees from a region he hates just so that he can say he is not a tribalist, but deep down despise them. Being a marginalized population himself as a gay man his language should be a bit more tolerant. The problem is that he is a bigot, a tribalist and a hypocrite. All the time he thinks tribe and he has a particular dislike for Zambians from a known region. He hates them with a passion. I do believe and I am serious about it, that if he had the power he would set that tribe or as he calls it those Bantus on fire. Mmembe is a tribalist. He can not think outside tribe, he has to have a tribe linked to everything he does. There is evidence. In the PF when his friend was facing problems within his party of choice, he called PF a tribal party. A number of editorials were dedicated to how, again according to him, the PF was tribalistic. What kind of a human being is this that can’t see anything beyond tribalism kanshi? And that is the way he started with UPND. If he doesn’t like you he will call you all sorts names including things that should not appear in a newspaper that can be read by children. The B word is ugly, it is a bad term. It horrible. It is degrading another human being just because they don’t speak the language you were born into. No one chooses to be born to a particular tribe. No one can choose who their parents will be.

This man is hate filled. I think to an extent where he looses him faculties. Usually his loath is predictable. Start with figuratively knell down to him and say you will be his friend and carry his will, if you don’t he will start a demeaning campaign with calling you a tribalist top on his list because it is hard to shake if not impossible. After all he is the man with the ‘big microphone and a big mouth’ when you on the other hand you are just a mouth. You don’t have a daily newspaper to offer a response to his scathing attacks. If you don’t kiss his backside, forget it you will never see anything good written about you. That as a matter of fact is an editorial policy at Bwinjimfumu. He wants friendship. But in that friendship he has to be the master and should benefit either financially or for the love of being adored as some kind of a godfather. He loves to be feared to be revered, to be consulted about everything Zambia, as if he has the monopoly of knowledge in Zambia. If you don’t do all this then you will be attacked right left and center.

At one point he didn’t like Sata that much. Sata was the recipient of scathing attacks from Mmembe right until the UPND PF pact broke up. My question is when Sata was in a pact with HH, did HH stop being a so called tribalist and became one after the the pact? Up until Sata went and knelt before him and apologized to Mmembe, Sata was under attack. I think even Sata knew exactly what he was apologizing for. Quite recently Masumba was asked to apologize or face a sustained campaign of scathing attacks of his persona in the same paper. Masumba apologized. We are dealing with the ultimate propagandist here ladies and gentlemen. loves to forgive. Loves it so much that he had to dedicate his editorial to gloat about how forgiving he was. It is pathetically superfluous.

I have heard people recently say that HH has changed, that he is more inclusive but I don’t think so. What has changed is people’s attitude towards HH, that they have seen through the lies Mmembe has been peddling. He has never been a triblist. What happened is the work of a creative evil mind. If HH is not called tribalist, it is his wealth under attack or he is a mason. Watch how these three will be repeatedly used in the next couple of weeks. As far as we know HH has never knelt to Mmembe, and so the story continues. We heard recently that Mmembe made advances to make ‘friends’ with HH but he did not succeed and hence the return to the ‘editorial policy’ of hate speech. I knew it was only a matter of time before he went back to his loath for HH. HH did not knell and so he will be bombarded with relentless attacks in the post in the coming days. No bars hold, he will use every vile, abhorrent idioms from the depth of hell to describe HH and UPND. Here is how it will go down, some of which we have already seen! He will start by saying that all those that are endorsing HH are B-word. When he sees other prominent individuals endorsing he will either say it is cosmetic or he will call those that endorse all sorts of names including being thieves. Mostly northerners who will endorse HH will be called thieves with headlines like ‘thieves are regrouping in UPND’. As HH’s popularity grows he will have a ‘nuclear weapon,’ and it will be HH’s caught with girlfriend! This of course will be a fake girlfriend but he will have photoshopped pictures. That is how appalling this evil man is. You have never seen a man so vile so vindictive, so churlish as Mmembe

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