Fred M’membe misleading the nation

Fred M’membe misleading the nation

Mumba Malila. He was appointed as Chief Justice by president Hakainde Hichilema.
As chief justice, he is the head of the judiciary, one of the three arms of government.

But yesterday, socialist party president Fred M’membe was on radio misleading the country that all heads of the three wings of government are from either Southern , Western or Northwestern provinces.

The other arm of government is the legislature or parliament. The head is the Speaker, currently it’s Nellie Muti, she is Lozi. That should not be a problem, maybe to Fred M’membe?

The third arm of government is the executive, which is headed by the president. Currently the president is Hakainde Hichilema’. But here is the issue: HH did not appoint himself he was elected by the people. One of the candidates was Fred M’membe. He got zeroes.

So the president only appointed two heads of the three arms of government. One from the Northern, the second from Western. So why is M’membe lying that HH has appointed only people from the Western side of Northern Rhodesia to head the wings of government?

He was even saying these are verifiable facts. Really?

People should learn to say the truth.


Below is Major General Oscar Nyoni – Zambia Air Force Deputy Commander & Chief of Staff., appointed by president Hichilema.

According to Fred M’membe, this senior soldier is Tonga

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