Fred M’membe seeking asylum

Fred M’membe seeking asylum


Controversial journalist Fred M’membe is reportedly seeking political asylum in a named country.

M’membe was supposed to be arrested more than two weeks ago over some silly politically motivated charges but the police had a ‘poor landing’ at his house as they were told he was in Jamaica.

In frustration, the police pounced on M’membe’ s wife and found a separate charge for her.

M’membe later issued a statement that he would be back in Zambia ‘shortly’. But the Watchdog has been informed that M’membe might not return ‘shortly’ as he is weighing his options but has left Jamaica to another country.

Other sources maintain that he is just finalising his business but would return ‘shortly’.

M’membe was the third recipient of the Media Institute of Southern Africa’s Press Freedom Award in 1995. MISA described him as “the most persecuted journalist in his country and the rest of the region.

In 1995, M’membe won the International Press Freedom Award of the Committee to Protect Journalists, “an annual recognition of courageous journalism”.

In 2000, he was selected by the International Press Institute as one of 50 “World Press Freedom Heroes” of the organisation’s fifty years of existence.

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