bank notes

bank notes

Valueless Kwacha will soon be unwelcome that side


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    Uku Balelya Uku Baletukana 10 years ago

    According to Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lwenika (1992 ZNBC):

    The Litunga Visited Britain at the invitation of the King of Britain. Lewanika was dressed in the usual Afircan traditional dress; animal skins and feathers. Since King George had invited other people, he did not want to be embarrassed by this African Chief he was paying in kind with a visit to Britain for illegally selling other people’s copper on the copperbelt. He quickly asked his aids to find something for this land thief to wear. The only attire found was a dead admiral’s uniform and they asked Lewanika to wear it. Lewanika was so overwelmed by this new attire he has never worn in his life, and he wore it for life throwing away his culture.

    The indunas he went with were given Scottish skirts, but the Scottish protested that they cannot wear similar attires with kaffirs, and suggested an exaggerated skirt instead. So Lozi indunas and Lozi men wear this exaggerated skirt ever since without shame. Lozis have no culture to talk about.

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    mudidi 10 years ago

    Your currency my brothers appears so simple to reproduce in billions of counterfeit, By the way, who is the manufucturer? Is it Alexkwanda Money Spinner and Associates?

    And who is that British Admiral smiling on the shilling?

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    musonda bupe 10 years ago

    I cant wait to begin using this money in Barotseland. The land we have been yenning for. A land where we will not have liars in the name of UKWA managing the affairs of the country. I really urge all well meaning Southerners, Northwesteners and Westerners to rally behind our Ngambela and ensure that he is given all the support he needs so that together we break away from this part of Zambia that has brought poverty and made liars and corrupt individuals champions. I am a proud product of a luvale and a bemba, so please I have not aopologies to make to bembas and never mind about my names they are just correct as written.