Free borrowing PF Govt to get $41.5m loan for public ‘safety’

Cabinet has approved the contraction of a 41.5 million US dollar loan from the Export-Import Bank of Korea for the Establishment of a Public Safety and Information System Project in Lusaka.
Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili says the loan is meant to improve public safety and security in Lusaka.
Mr. Kambwili says this follows growing concern on the rise in criminal activities as well as the disorderly conduct of some sections of society in the city.
He has told the PF controlled ZNBC news that the loan is highly concessional with interest rate at 0.01 per cent with a repayment period of 25 years, as well as a grace period of 15 years.
Cabinet also approved in principle, the introduction of a Bill in Parliament to amend the INTERPOL- Passports Act, aimed at recognising the International Criminal Police Organisation – Passport Travel Document as an official travel document for Law enforcement officers travelling and carrying out official duties on INTERPOL related matters.
He said Cabinet has noted that the increase in international criminal activities require that Law enforcement officers in various countries around the world cooperate and work towards curbing crimes.
The Cabinet that met at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Monday also approved the appointment of seven members of the Board of Directors for the Energy Regulation Board and the major outcomes of the 15th Session of the Zambia- Botswana Joint Permanent Commission meeting which took place in Livingstone last year.
The PF crowd now holds its cabinet meetings at Mulungushi International Conference Centre because they cannot fit at the State House Cabinet meeting venue.

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