Free Iris Kaingu, she has been punished enough

Just like there is a difference between that obese boy at State House and President Michael Sata, there is also a difference between Iris Kaingu and Michael Kaingu.

It is therefore wrong for the PF kaponyas to try to fight their political opponent Michael Kaingu using that young woman Iris, even if she is the daughter to one of the men making the lives of PF characters hard.

Iris Kaingu may have done something wrong, like we all have at one or the other. But Iris has suffered enough. She has been punished enough already. She has gone through emotional and mental anguish from the time she was arrested.  She has suffered humiliation and ridicule. She has lost her school place at college.

Iris deserves to go home free now.

How much punishment is she expected to undergo before some hypocrites can be satisfied that she has had enough.

What Iris did was not the greatest sin committed in Zambia. What about those other women we have all watched on TV having unprotected sex on TV in the name of Big Brother Africa?

Those are celebrities; they don’t corrupt morals?

And which Zambian morals can one really corrupt?

What about Wynter Kabimba who is married but keeping concubines and siring children all over the place, there is no public morality involved there?

Iris was having sex with one man and well, someone decides to record it and make it public.

It is difficult to faulty the magistrate handling the case because as judge he or she is entitled to make judgement based on facts brought before him and the applicable law no matter how backward.

But surely these judges live in the community and they know what is obtaining on the ground.

This particular magistrate must know that the judiciary is now the only government wing which people have confidence in. It is the only one that has resisted being manipulated and used by the PF thugs.

Magistrate Prince Mwinga has an enormous responsibility on his hands to see to it that the credibility the judiciary has built in the past 12 months is not compromised by one foolish judgement.

Never have Zambian placed so much hope and trust in the judiciary than this time. Even the two most senior judges acting Chief Justice and her deputy have amazingly shown grace, professionalism and patriotism so far.

Even if we know that they have been promised to be confirmed as Chief Justice and Deputy if they nullify parliamentary elections won by the MMD, we believe that those two mothers know what is best for Zambia.

One can argue their lungs out but most Zambians associate the conviction of Iris on Tuesday to political manipulation. That is why we say magistrate Prince Mwinga finds himself in an unenviable position of delivering justice or dancing to the tune of the ruling politicians.

But sacrificing a small girl in order to get a salary and feed your family is evil.

We know of one Zambia Revenue Authority employee who was fired for beating up a fellow employee. When he was taken to court after being arrested, the culprit was not jailed because the judge sensibly reasoned that the man has already suffered by losing his job. Well he got his job back because he is a PF cadre.

Iris has lost her place at school. Is that not enough punishment?

And where is the women movement in all this? Iris was obviously doing that with a man but she is in jail alone.  But where is the man? The women movement’ silence clearly shows their double standards. Just because there are no sitting allowances for this particular case, there voices are silent.

Or maybe they fear to jeopardise their prospects of being appointed to PF jobs?

Now, Magistrate Mwiinga said he sees nothing wrong with two adults engaging in sexual contact but recording the act is likely to corrupt the morals of those who happen to watch the video.

“I am satisfied that a sex video was made by Iris. It was obscene and tending to corrupt morals of those in whose hands it may fall’.

That is a lot of bull. Why would you go and watch something that will corrupt your morals and blame the one who made it?

Free Iris. She deserves to go home now. That girl has suffered more than enough unnecessary.

Let us not blame Iris for our fallen and corrupt morals as a country. Iris is just a small girl. She did not choose to be born to a politician.

Free Iris. Let her go home and enjoy Independence.

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