Denmark refuses to extradite Shansonga to Zambia

Denmark has refused to extradite Attan Shansonga to Zambia. Shansonga’s lawyer said he will be on a plane to his country Britain Monday evening.

And Shansonga’ lawyers are planning to sue the Zambian government for causing the detention of the British Citizen for seven weeks in Danish cells.

After almost one and a half months in a Danish prison cell Zambia’s former diplomat to the USA has been released.

Zambian Authorities led by DPP Mutembo Nchito and Anti-corruption officials have been trekking to Denmark to argue the case in court.

But Denmark said Monday Zambia has failed to satisfy conditions to have Shansonga extradited to Xambia

‘He will take the airport this evening and return home to his family in London, says Shansonnga’s lawyer, Tyge Trier, Ritzau.

The matter attracted international attention when Attan Shansonga in late June was arrested by police at the airport in Kastrup.

At Zambia’s demand, Denmark decided to detain Shansonga until the Justice Department had looked into the matter.

Attan Shansonga coming from Zambia, but a British national, has previously been ambassador to the United States.

In 2004 he travelled back to Britain to assist in investigations. However, it was Attan Shansonga himself who ended up getting a case on the neck, as the authorities in Zambia accused him of theft of public funds.

Tyge Trier, Shansonga’s lawyer said he has always known that his client was just a victim of political persecution.

According to the lawyer, the anti-corruption authorities in Zambia have chosen to turn to Shansonga instead of investigating against the government officials in Zambia.

Tyge Trier said he was satisfied with the decision of the Justice Department, but said it took too long.

‘We must recognize that it is a complex matter, but it has always been so obvious that the conditions for extradition was not satisfied. The matter should be settled within two to three weeks and not seven weeks, which it has taken, ‘says Tyge Trier.

Tyge Trier said he will now raise a claim on account of detention of Shansonga.

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