Freedom Fighter Changufu faces arrest

Zambian Freedom Fighter and Senior Citizen Lewis Changufu may soon be arrested for calling for a meeting to discuss the impasse between the Patriotic Front government and Bemba paramount Chief Chitimukulu.
Intelligence sources have disclosed that President Michael Sata has instructed state agents to find anything that can incriminate the Freedom Fighter. The source said Mr. Changufu on Wednesday called for a meeting at as house in Kalundu belonging to late Mathews Chanda and invited a number of people to discuss the Chitimukulu Saga. But after the President was tipped, he sent a battalion of police and intelligence officers to go and disrupt the meeting. The source said before the meeting was curtailed, Mr. Changufu called Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda expressing his displeasure at his failure to prevail on the President over the Chitimukulu issue.
” We have been asked to come up with anything that can link Mr. Changufu to crime. The president wants him arrested ASAP (As soon as Possible) for calling for that meeting” the source said.
Meanwhile, the widow to the late Mathews Chanda the owner of the house were the meeting took place from is still in shock after the raid by heavily armed policemen. A source has disclosed that Mrs. Chanda could not believe that President Sata a very close family member can do that. Late Mathew Chanda is the one who accommodated First Republican President and now PF cadre Kenneth Kaunda when late President Chiluba and Sata declared him homeless. Kaunda spent some time at Chanda’s house in Kalundu. Now Kaunda finds it fit to allow Sata to send a platoon of police officers to victimise his former Landlord.

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