Freedom Sikazwe listed as fuel supplier best bidder

Freedom Sikazwe listed as fuel supplier best bidder


The ministry of Energy has listed 10 companies as best evaluated bidders to supply petrol and diesel. Number THREE on the list of the 10 listed companies is an outfit called Kapesika Energy and Petroleum ltd. Kapesika Stands for Kapembwa Sikazwe.

This brief case company is owned by former State House minister Freedom Sikazwe. That is not a problem in itself. But here is the problem: Freedom Sikazwe is using his younger brother Kapembwa Sikazwe as a front. Kapembwa is touted as the managing director and majority shareholder of the company when in fact he is just a front. Freedom Sikazwe remains the owner as shadow director. In short, Freedom Sikazwe is concealing property. Shares in a company are property. As shadow director, Sikazawe used this firm to obtain contracts from the PF regime where he was key minister and decision maker. It is a crime. One of the contracts Freedom Sikazwe secured from the PF government using this Kapesika Energy and Petroleum ltd was the infamous Youth Empowerment Fund.

How this money laundering conduit found itself on the list of best evaluated bidders only PF tender committee members at the ministry of Energy knows.

Moreover, this same Kapembwa Sikazwe himself is financially indisciplined. He has had problems paying rent. See attached documents.

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