From a church member: Bishop George Lungu sheds tears for Lundazi Deported Priest

The mass at Lundazi Catholic today saw the church members in tears.

Father Sakala who gave a homily preached on the old and new man saying the old Moses used to get complaints from the local community and then take them to God.

He also said that the morden Moses are the priests and that people still bring complaints and problems to the church,seeking answers and comfort.

And it is the duty of the priests to take them to the relevant authorities.

That the message of sharing should still be encouraged,that we need to share.

Father Sakala ended the homily in tears and the whole church was so quite and deeply saddened.

Church members feel, Edigar Lungu, the Home Affairs Minister is putting PF government in an dangerous position on this one.

He shouldn’t be excited,Catholic Church is bigger than Edgar Lungu,he interpreted it wrongly and there are a lot of Fr. Viatuers in Catholic, priests who will continue calling a hungry stomach a hungry stomach and not a Full stomach.

The priest also revealed that at the ordinations which took place yesterday Saturday, the Bishop George Lungu cried, that the Bishop said that one of his children was missing(refering to father Viateur).

That at least as the father of the child he has a right to know where he was and why?

The Bishop has since sent father Wilfred Bwezani to assist father Sakala in looking after the sheep.

Father Viatuer phoned the Lundazi Catholic priest saying he arrived well in Rwanda and he asked the Catholic community to pray for him.

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