From fire tenders to Agro dealers – Grandview International

From fire tenders to Agro dealers – Grandview International


From fire tenders to agro dealers…Grandview International

If you ask me, someone who is in entrepreneurship development, there is a lot to learn from Grandview.

Forget the legitimate cries of corruption…let the law and it’s appointed authorities deal with that.

Your interest here is business…how to make money. Watch and learn.

Even if your integrity is high as God’s and you think Grandview is evil, kindly look closely at what seems to be their model of business, copy it and bring your alleged high integrity to it.

Clearly, Grandview is in the business of supplying.

Have you heard of the business of “supplying”? Supplying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING?

It exists. Albeit maybe, more common among small companies who will bid for stationery today, computers tomorrow, desks the other day, spare parts next week, protective clothing next month, lubricants next year, cleaning chemicals the other year.

Grandview seem to be doing exactly that but big league!

So if you are a good researcher, internationally exposed, and can put up good proposals on paper, go look for a job at Grandview.

Or if you have some millions idle somewhere, stranded what to do with them, and you have a connection with the bank for a letter of credit or bank guarantee, just assemble a team of good proposal writers and go into the business of tendering big league.

It’s worthy the shot!

As regards corruption, the cries are legitimate. If the fire tenders become the straw that broke the camel’s back and made us purge procurement of all corruption praise God.

Just don’t let PERCEIVED corruption block your mind from appreciating a good business model.

Learn it yourself and do it to your moral standard!

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