From here am going to Muchinga – HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says from Eastern Province where he currently is, he will proceed to Muchinga province.
Hichilema, who is in Malambo in Eastern province told Hot FM radio that he will continue touring the country and explaining to the people how PF has messed up the country.
Hichilema said as far as he is concerned, his party followed the procedure to visit Eastern province and has a copy of the written notification from the police.
He wondered why president Sata wants to curtail people’s rights to assemble, move and associate.
He said from the time Sata became president, fundamental human rights of people have been taken away but vowed that he will not allow Sata to intimidate him.
He wondered why it should be wrong for him to visit Eastern province when Sata was recently in Vubwi campaigning.
Hichilema said he would continue telling people in the country that food and other essential commodities have become unaffordable due to poor leadership provided by the PF.
He said during the reign of Rupiah Banda and Levy Mwanawasa, people were free to move, assemble and talk each other without being afraid of being arrested.
But that pale girl who speaks on behalf of the police, whatever her name is, said the police will not sit idle and let Hichilema break the law. She said any one who hols a public procession without police permit is breaking the law.

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