From Kenya, Kaizer Zulu says ACC are monkeys and idiots

From Kenya, Kaizer Zulu says ACC are monkeys  and idiots


Those ACC people are idiots and I don’t have time for them, says President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu, according to the Post Newspaper.

This is according to a recorded telephone conversation between Zulu and a journalist, in which the State House official is refuting an allegation that he is using the Anti-Corruption Commission to fix his perceived enemies.

The journalist in the recording was trying to get a comment from Zulu on reports that he was behind the ACC’s investigation of former State House aide George Chellah, who is being probed for being in possession of property believed to be proceeds of crime.

Reporter: Hello big man, how are you?
Kaizer: I am fine, ati shani..?
Reporter: Fine boss. We have a story here to do with this investigation, where the ACC summoned George Chellah for questioning. From what we have been told, it seems they are investigating him for being in possession of property believed to be proceeds of crime.
Kaizer: Eee…
Reporter: Well, our sources at ACC have told us that this investigation is being engineered at State House. They are saying you are the one who is behind it, because you are trying to fix George. So I said we can’t write this story without getting kuli imwe bakalamba bandi (to you my elder brother) and informing you ati ifi efilechitika (that this is what is happening).
Kaizer: Me? How do I come in?
Reporter: Katwishi (I don’t know) boss, kabili they are saying you are in this fight with George to finish him. Eicho I said awe, aba bakalamba bandi (That’s why  I said this is my elder brother), I need to call him…. They are even saying you physically went there to put pressure on ACC to
summon him.
Kaizer: (laughs) …you, you know the relationship that I have with ACC right now. Do you think I can go there to give them those instructions…? Do you think I can be that stupid?
Reporter: Imagine boss, that’s what these people from ACC are saying. That’s why I said let me call.
Kaizer: Right now, I am in Kenya, so how can I be at ACC and at the same time I am in Kenya? That shows you that people are lying. But I know what those people at ACC are doing. They like scandalising people, that’s how they make money. I can tell you that me I don’t have time for those monkeys. They are idiots and soon, I will start exposing them and what they are doing to innocent people. They are more corrupt than the people they are following. And between you and me, I can tell you, I was with the President the other day and he was asking me that, “What do these ACC people want from me?” Because you know they have written to him saying that they are investigating Christah Kalulu. So he (President Lungu) was asking me, “When was Christah Kalulu DC for Lusaka for them to bring up this issue today…?”
Reporter: So it seems they go to one person and say, “We are investigating this one and we can take care of it”, then they go to that other person and say the same thing.
Kaizer: Yes. Look, I have no grudge with umwaiche wandi (my younger brother) George. Those people who are telling you those stories want to pit me against George. I don’t think that is right for people at ACC. I will even call George umwaiche mwebe. The ACC just want to pit me against him. I will call him, because we have been together with George muma campaigns, I have no grudge with him. Abo ba ACC, that’s why no one has respect for them anymore…
Reporter: Awee, natotela bakalamba bandi (Thank you my elder brother).
Kaizer: Okay, just ask them that when did Kaizer come to you because he is in Kenya right now. Ask them, so that you show them that they are lying.
Reporter: Okay boss.
Kaizer: Okay mwaiche.

In April, ACC director general Rosewin Wandi wrote President Lungu, informing him that the commission was investigating a case where Zulu allegedly received US$200,000 from a Chinese national to fix an appointment with the Head of State.

After The Post exposed the ACC letter to the President, Zulu pushed for the arrest of author of the story, Mukosha Funga.

Police then arrested Funga and Post editor-in-chief Fred M’membe on one count of publication of classified information under the sate security Act.

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