From Mealie meal, now cement prices also go up

The Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) has expressed concern with the rapidly increasing prices of cement on the local market.

Association Executive Director Muyunda Ililonga said cement was an essential commodity of the improving construction industry in the country.

Mr. Ililonga told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that cement was considered as a backbone in any building hence the need to ensure that it is affordable for a common citizen.

He said the country has recently registered positive growth in its construction sector and therefore, it was important that the prices of cement are maintained at an affordable price all times.

Mr. Ililonga stated that it is sad to see that for months now the prices of this important product have been sky rocketing.

He explained that if cement prices are not stable and keep on fluctuation they have a possibility of inciting instability in prices of other products on the market.

Mr. Ililonga said according to the survey conducted by his association, prices of cement are now between K70, 000 for the urban and K90, 000 per 50 kilogramme bag in rural areas.

He said this was why there was need for the relevant authorities to ensure that stringent measures are put in place to correct the situation for the benefit of consumers.

He noted that if left unchecked, it the high price of cement will have a serious impact on the country’s well performing construction sector and consequently affect the whole country’s economic growth.

Mr. Ililonga has also appealed to cement traders in the country not to take advantage of the changes in the prices and exploit consumers.

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