From road blocks to road patrols


When road blocks were banned,traffic officers now introduced road patrols. It’s no longer the way its suppose to be instead we are being chased allover & everywhere all the time which is not good at all. Personally  as a bus drivers when u being chased,we don’t choose were to step,we can face the on coming traffic. In Chawama they go as far as misis & BP near Jon leng hunting for buses ONLY,when u are found using a side road they block u and one officer is ordered to get into your bus when u ask what is wrong,they say its a wrong route. personally i thoought  these side road were meant to decongest the city. we ‘ve suffered alot under this govt cose everyone daz what he or she feels like. Imagine as early as 6:50hrs where will u find the money?

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