Frustrated OP now resort to imitating ZWD

After failing to cripple the Zambian Watchdog once more, the Office of the President Special Division Officers and some Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers have created fake email addresses and Facebook accounts to malign people they think contribute to the Zambian Watchdog.

The dull OP agents’ aim is to try to create a cadre of people who would like to know more about the people they think are behind the success of the Zambian Watchdog.

Investigations however have uncovered them. The officers use names like Captain Jerry Mouse, Koswe Kwindi and Mfuko Mbeba. Most readers have seen such trash coMments from this group led by Xaxior Chungu.

Others claim to be journalists as well. They claim to be journalists practising guerrilla journalism just like the one practised by this site which they do not even understand.

A Mr. Silitongwe from Office of the President together with Mr. Situmbeko of the Drug Enforcement Commission Information Communication and Technology Department uses the name Lingani and also uses the email address

The team is highly paid but has so far failed to justify how they use the money so they are trying to come up with all sorts of ‘creations’ to show their paymasters. The same group is also maligns Police Officers from Police Intelligence at Police Headquarters accusing them of not doing enough to arrest people linked to this site.

Amusingly, the same group of dull OP chaps actually read the Watchdog 27 hours a day. From the emails they have sent to us and spewed here, they have admitted that that the Watchdog is much more popular than the POST and other publications combined.

Our advice to our readers is that just ignore these PF agents. Be careful with some of these websites and Facebook pages you visit or which just spring up from nowhere. They are al OP projects. You may not know it but they pick your IP addresses and with your mobile numbers being in the hands of the PF ZICTA, you are more vulnerable. So please avoid suspicious websites or Facebook pages. Some of you have already been threatened in your inboxes by the same OP.

The PF and its OP are feeling the heat, and it is getting hotter especially with their regime failing to manage the economy. The Watchdog is now much more resolved that ever before to expose the corruption, incompetence, nepotism, Satanism, greedy, prostitution and all evil that makes up what is called Patriotic Front or power failure as you the readers call them.

At Watchdog, we practice Guerrilla Journalism tailored for dictators and their followers. There will be no giving up. We are everywhere especially in government departments. The Zambian Watchdog is now truly a social media. There are so many people posting articles directly here. And we are recruiting every day. Even if the PF police were to arrest 3 or 10, the publication itself will not be affected. At State House we have three people working for us, at the Post almost the entire newsroom works for us. It is worse in government media.

The only way to stop us is by government doing what it was elected to do. Stop stealing, lying, corruption, tribalism and all manner of dictatorship. Anything else you try will certainly fail. It has been three years now and you have spent more than K90 billion but what have you achieved. If Sata was normal, he would have fired all OP chaps for failing to stop a simple website. But then the big man is too sick right?

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