Frustrated police officer trying to kill himself

Frustrated police officer trying to kill himself

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This is Muchindu Mwiinga, he is a constable at Zambia Police CID Section based in Mufumbwe rural. The boy was transfered there just 3 months ago from Solwezi, Kyawama Police Station. He protested against his transfer which was brought about because he was refusing to be paying a cut of k1000 to the Divisional Police Command from his k3000 that he was being paid at FQM Kansanshi Mine.
Today Constable Mwiinga has locked himself in his apartment at his new station with his AK 47 threatening to kill himself.

Station Inspector Woman Mweemba of Kasempa Police and her team are out there at the scene but their efforts have failed as the officer keeps firing live amminition. He has indicated that he will end his life once anyone breaks in and also demanded that the Divisional Police Commissioner personally visits him or it is done.

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    I thought there was a chaplain for the police force, not police service please. A service serves people and doesn’t brutalize them as this one does.

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Mmmmm K1000 cut. Ah no,no.
    How many officers are assigned to FQM? So if they’re 10 officers then 
    The Commander is patting away with K20,000. Eish. Zambia Police.

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    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    We already knew that the Zambian police force is totally corrupt, but that they are now enforcing the corruptive practices within the ranks – that is new! 

    Let it all come into the open, and see what happens. I bet some high ranking officer will all sweep it under the carpet, and that we have all misunderstood! Fake news, yes sure…….

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      NJOLOMBA 2 weeks ago

      This fool should shoot himself in the arse NOW. !!! Whai he still waiting for????