Frustrated Sampa accuses PS of working with opposition – Daily Mail

Zambia Daily Mail writes that Deputy  Minister of Finance Miles Sampa has strongly warned Permanent Secretary Felix Nkulukusa to work in line with the Patriotic Front government ethos and accused him of blocking the new Bank of Zambia Law on foreign currency.
The Sunday Mail can reveal that Mr Sampa, after being “grossly  frustrated” repeatedly by Mr Nkulukusa as he tried to execute Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda’s instructions, even threatened to resign.
The differences between the two senior government officials emanate from the new Bank of Zambia law that gives the government powers to regulate and monitor the outflow and inflow of foreign currency.
According to Mr Sampa’s letter to Mr Nkulukusa, the permanent secretary has decided to “sit” on documentation relating to the new law without any proper explanation even after instructions from Mr Chikwanda.
The letter says this has raised concern among top Government officials within and outside the Ministry of Finance as to how a permanent secretary can block a law passed by the government and assented to by President Sata.
In a show of frustration, Mr Sampa wrote to Mr Nkulukusa: “I gather that while you are in the USA, you have been calling or emailing some civil servants in the ministry and issuing instructions to prevent the captioned SI (Forex) from being gazetted despite having been signed by the Minister of Finance.
“The minister had been upset on its delay and insisted that he had to sign it even at the airport before he left the country on Tuesday.”
The correspondence to Mr Nkulukusa from Mr Sampa was copied to Mr Chikwanda, Secretary to Cabinet Roland Msiska and Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba.
The letter says Mr Nkulukusa ordered Government Printers to stop printing the Statutory Instrument even after a ministerial order to go ahead, infuriating and frustrating Mr Sampa even further.
Mr Sampa further notes that “in one instance, you even attempted to veto written Presidential instructions. As a result, projects implementation in various ministries that MOF is meant to support has been on snail pace and in most instances not even taken off”.
Efforts to get Mr Nkulukusa through the ministry failed as phones went unanswered, while his mobile phone did not go through.
Here are the highlights of Mr Sampa’s letter to Mr Nkulukusa:
•I have looked at the so-called revised SI and both I and the BOZ deputy Governor agree that it is a total misrepresentation of the original SI and what we are trying to achieve as government (PF that is).
•Your office has been dragging on this SI for 8 months until I have had to personally get involved in drafting and designing it.
•The SI was first drafted 8 months ago and your office and others had all the time to contribute to it and hence cannot cry ignorance on the 11th hour.
•In the final meeting on the April 11, with all senior staff in the Ministry, the BOZ governor (Dr Michael Gondwe), the deputy governor-operations (Dr Bwalya Ngandu) and their directors, you were asked to speak or forever hold your peace. You said all was fine with it after we amended one or two clauses you suggested and then you opted to leave the meeting prematurely.
• You stated in the final meeting that your office will be the one to explain if there is something wrong with the SI. The question to you is; explain to whom?
•As far as I know there are only two people in the ministry that are employed to go back to the public directly or via parliament and explain actions of the Ministry of Finance. Needless to say, these are the Minister and I.
•Please note that my keen contribution onto this SI is out of my banking experience of 13 years principally sending and receiving FOREX in and out of the country on behalf of clients of various banks.
•I therefore have proven competence in this one area and know exactly how to seal the illicitly FOREX leakages. It therefore leaves me slightly embarrassed when one is arguing against the SI from an ignorance point of view.
•Your job should be to give advice (which can be taken or not) but not to order ministers.
•If a civil servant wants to order ministers as you are doing, one is advised to first go on the campaign platform and seek people’s mandate to usurp the ministers and the correct date should be somewhere in 2016.
•Today Friday 19th April, you have connived with some civil servants and given orders to the Government Printers to stop printing or gazzeting the SI which you neither designed nor authorised. To belabour, it was partly designed by my office, the Governor and Deputy Governor’s. It was then authorised and signed by the Minister of Finance. So where do you derive authority to stop that work in progress?
•Your office is being used by enemies of the government to frustrate us voted into office from implementing our policies and objectives.
•Your conduct has since negatively affected most civil servants in the ministry as they are   reluctant to implement policies of the PF Government. Even when ordered by the Minister, your office has been seen to veto.
5. I am now fully convinced that you are using your position as PS in MOF to champion an agenda set by the opposition.
•As for the SI on FOREX monitoring, please stay out of it as you neither designed it nor availed any positive input into it. Needless to say, you did not sign it either.
•If there is a backlash (which in any case is expected from your anti-PF colleagues), it will be me, the Minister, the Deputy Governor and the Governor to handle the consequences.
•I will be failing the electorates and the nation at large if I keep mute and do not tell you of your clandestine manoeuvers on behalf of the opposition and other lobbyists.
•Some of these lobbyists are paid up by potential culprits of the suggested SI. They will make loud noise just bended on frustrating efforts being made by the PF Government to stop capital flight and surge developmental projects.
•Therefore, please stay out of progress made thus far on this SI  and stop engaging tactics aimed at stopping it from being gazetted to satisfy enemies of the PF Government.

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